Taichi Lessons

 Dear All,

In line with social obligation, MACMA Selangor, will be conducting an open Taiji lessons for beginners. We intend to start the 3 month session in December 2007 and complete byFebruary 2008. After which, further and advanced lessons will be upon requests. Meanwhile we will start off with the beginner sessions, details of which are as follows:

Programme: Taiji for Beginners.

Type: Chen Style -400 years old.(read attachment)

Instructor: Mr. Wang Fei (China)

Frequency: Twice every weekend. (Saturdays & Sundays)

Time of Sessions: Session 1.-Saturday, to start at 5.00pm and finish at 6.30pm and/or

Session 2.-Sunday, to start at 8.00am and finish at 9.30am.

Commencement date: Session 1: 1st December 2007.

Session 2. 2nd December 2007.

Location: Car park at MACMA Selangor,.

Address: Taman Sekamat, Sg Sekamat, Batu 12 Jalan Cheras, 43000 Kajang.

(refer to map attached)

Fees per Participant: Member RM3.00 per lesson.

Non member RM4.00 per lesson.

Maximum no of Participants: 25 only.

As we have a limit to the no of participants and the sessions will be opened to the public, those interested are to notify in advance for places. All are welcome.

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