About Macma Selangor

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MACMA Selangor was established since year 2000 as a state branch of MACMA Malaysia. Since its establishment, MACMA Selangor has been one of the most active states to organize dakwah activities through various methods from festive get togethers, talks, seminars, classes and youth camps.

MACMA is an NGO Muslim association representing the Chinese Muslims in Malaysia that recognizes Muslim diversity and promotes an inclusive culture that enhances the Muslim unity among Malaysians as mentioned and defined by the Quran as “Khairun Ummah” which is “to build a unity through a diverse society”.  MACMA also aims to foster the Volunteerism spirit among members, uplift socioeconomic status and establish an Islamic learned and knowledgeable community.

MACMA Selangor is commonly referred to as Chinese Muslim Association Selangor (MACMA Selangor) or Persatuan Cina Muslim Selangor.

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